Yukon Estate Planning Lawyer

Estate planning is not simply writing or creating a will, which is simply a directive as to who receives your assets and such when you die.  Estate planning is about planning for either the event of death or the event of incapacity. Hoskins & McClain aims to provide you with peace of mind by ensuring that you, your family, and your assets will be taken care of and smoothly transitioned and managed, in either event, whether expected or not. You are never too young or healthy to proactively plan for the unpredictable.  

When creating your legal portfolio, in preparation for unexpected circumstances, we first seek to understand each client’s unique circumstances, family, family dynamics, assets, intentions, and goals.  From there, we will help you understand your various options and decide what plan is the best for your situation. We also always take into account tax issues, whether current or future, and we build your plan to fit your needs and your wishes accordingly.

Once we have the "big picture" firmly established, we will prepare an entire portfolio detailing your wishes and intentions for future generations.

Finally, we will help you execute any changes to your assets, titles, and accounts, if any, to ensure the best results.


At The Law Office of Hoskins & McClain, in addition to Planning for tragic circumstances, we help clients navigate the maze of the probate process when said tragic circumstances do occur. While you can successfully avoid probate in many situations, you sometimes have a loved one who passed away unprepared and/or unexpected. Whether you are drowning in, or just don't want to deal with, the many technicalities and procedures surrounding the death of your loved one, we are here to help. 

The probate process is a very administrative and tedious process in most cases, and we always recommend you hire an experienced attorney to handle all probate matters. Our attorneys are experienced in Estate Planning as well as probate, and we want to help make your experience as painless and effortless as possible.

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