Yukon Bankruptcy Attorney

Whether it’s you, your family, or your small business experiencing financial hardship in this economy, sometimes filing bankruptcy is the best solution for your most difficult problems.

You will see immediate results upon your bankruptcy filing. For example, an automatic stay is often imposed on creditors, preventing them from any collection actions such as foreclosing on your property, harassing you on the telephone, filing lawsuits against you, putting liens on your home, seizing your paycheck, or putting a lien on your bank account. Another advantage is the ability to have certain types of debt discharged completely. Some debts that might be discharged include credit card debt, utilities, personal loans, income taxes over three years old, judgments, and mortgage or auto loan deficiencies.

We offer solutions tailored specifically to you. We know that financial hardship can strike anyone at any time, especially in unprecedented times such as these. No matter how hopeless your personal situation may feel, The Law Office of Hoskins & McClain will help you find a debt relief solution that will put you firmly on the road to a more secure financial future. If you are struggling financially with past due credit cards, taxes, and medical bills, or find yourself facing threats of foreclosure, repossession, and garnishment, call us today.

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